Walker’s Star Trek Enterprise Fan Fiction

Good morning crewmen. What do we have. We found three stars, said T’pol.

Look Captain, three stone cold stars, said Mr. Reed. OK, anything else, said the Captain. Well, we have found a classic planet, said Mr. Reed. It may be to a lookby, said Mr. Reed.

OK. Any life forms, said the Captain.

About 405 life forms, said Mr. Reed

(Laughing sounds)

If our sensors are correct, there is a whole civilization down there.

To be continued……

Editor (parent) note: Walker wrote this in his journal a few months back. He loves watching Star Trek shows, and especially loves Enterprise! If he wants to write his own fan faction, I am all for it!


One thought on “Walker’s Star Trek Enterprise Fan Fiction

  1. Walker,

    I am so proud of you! What a great way to share your writing with people! I look forward to following your stories, and you as a writer. Keep writing!

    I love you! ❤
    Mrs. Riggs


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