What Happened At School Today

Today at school my friends were NOT being fair.  I was planning to NOT play with them today, but tomorrow I may play with them, if they are playing fair. I hope they are playing fair tomorrow at school.

What I mean is we were playing Red light – Green light.

They were going Red light – Green light, I went Green light – Red light, I do that instead. They didn’t want to play that way.

I was playing correct.They were NOT playing correct. I did NOT like HOW they were playing in Red light – Green light.

I told 5 recess teachers, and my Teacher, that they were not playing fair, but NOTHING was done.

Maybe it will be better tomorrow!


*Editor Note: Capitalized words are “pop out” words, something Walker is being taught in school this year. We help Walker with spell check, and show him how to use punctuation. The writing is his.


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